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The Xero ecosystem – sustaining the life of SMBs

We can all agree that Xero is well established as the leading accounting software for SMBs in NZ, if not the world. Xero is also continuing to fundamentally change how accountants provide support and insights to SMBs for good.

In addition. we can look forward to how Xero will further harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provide solutions to critical issues facing SMBs such as in carbon accounting.

As an accounting and advisory practice, Good for Business has been a Xero partner and a 100% Xero practice since our inception. As evidence of our commitment to Xero, we are honoured to be the finalist of the Small Accounting Partner of the year - Xero Awards in 2019 and 2020. Beyond simply being a cloud accounting software, Xero’s superpowers lies in the Xero App Store – together, they are aptly described as the ecosystem. In the natural world, ecosystem “is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment….creating a delicate balance that sustains life within the ecosystem”.

Xero and the apps (in the Xero App Store) are the technological equivalent of the natural ecosystem. Xero and the apps interact with each other to give almost limitless options to SMBs to extend their capabilities in all areas of business such as cash collection, rostering, payroll, carbon accounting and so on.

No one person is an island, and this is true for the Xero ecosystem - working together to sustain and enhance the ‘life’ of SMBs.

In this article, I would like to introduce a sample of the best of breed technology (apps) within the ecosystem which enable SMBs to thrive.

Hubdoc (data capture and entry)

Hubdoc makes data capture easy. Get copies of bills and invoices and key data stored into Xero automatically.

Paidnice (cash collection)

Add late fees, interest and discounts to invoices, with automatic and customizable invoice reminders

Smartly (payroll)

Pay people on time, accurately and in line with legislation – great customer support!

A2X Accounting (e-commerce accounting)

Accurate e-commerce accounting for major e-commerce channels to save hours in bookkeeping so that you have full financial visibility. Best of class customer support.

Gocardless (direct bank payments or direct debit)

Simple and secure direct debits – collect instant, one-off payments. Or automated recurring payments. Without the chasing, stress, or expensive fees.

Stripe (cash collection)

Allow your customers to pay Xero invoices with their preferred payment methods like credit card, debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Deputy (staff rostering)

Schedule staff with ease, control labour costs, simplify timesheets and speed up payroll process

Sumday (carbon accounting)

Market leading carbon accounting software for your business and every single business in your supply chain

Prosaic (AI driven home office deductions)

Claim GST on home office expenses with the help of AI

eInvoices (receipts and payments)

eInvoicing software like Xero lets you exchange eInvoices with other businesses and government quickly and safely.

Download GST, PAYE and Provisional due dates into your online calendar so you never forget them and avoid penalties and interests


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